Cocker of one Heart & Soul

Treasure Trove

In my treasure trove you'll find links, that can be useful, for example if you are looking for tools to groom and trim your Cocker Spaniel on your own. You are looking for good collars, harnesses, coats for dog shows or just for walking in bad weather?

Some links will help you find proper frost- or dried food and additional feed, such as "Multi Mineral" by "Vet Concept" for the adequate supply of minerals in barfing, or even dried vegetables for your favorite.

If you are looking for something specific, you haven't found, write to me! I'm delighted to help.

Meat supplier

I buy my dry food and wet food from the company Reico and the frozen meat for example at Das Tierhotel, Frostfutter-Perleberg and Karnivor OHG.

It is quite openly stated that the meat comes from the region, the farms and husbandry of the animals are known. So I know where the meat comes from and it is still at a price level that is affordable. 

Feed (good oils such as linseed oil, rice bran oil, intestinal care) (dried vegetables and other food) (There are great barf mixes as dry barf, but also fresh or frost barf)

Feed - Harnesses - Collars - Beds - Feeding - Transport Safety - Miscellaneous (collars, leashes, dog blankets, cuddle bags, scarves) (beds) (drinking bowls for dogs with long ears, suede cloths) (Here you'll need to browse, you'll find an incredible number of things for yourself and your favorite.)

Care - Scissors - Combs - Shampoo - Instructions (Coatking (easy removal of the undercoat), paws scissors, shearer, combs) (scissors, combs)

Coats for walking and for shows (Fleece jumpsuit or softshell) (coats for shows/snoods (eating cap)) (dryup dry cape for wet fur after walking or swimming)

Special gift ideas (Special gift ideas at Etsy) (Stuffed Dogs For Every Occasion)