Cocker of one Heart & Soul

The Cocker

General Appearance:

Merry, sturdy, sporting; well balanced; compact.

Behaviour / Temperament:

Merry nature with ever- wagging tail shows a typical bustling movement, particularly when following scent, fearless of heavy cover. Gentle and affectionate, yet full of life and exuberance.


Flat, silky in texture, never wiry or wavy, not too profuse and never curly. Well feathered forelegs, body and hind legs above hocks.


Solid colours:
Black; red; golden; liver (chocolate); black and tan; liver and tan; No white allowed except a small amount on chest.

Bicolours; Black and white; orange and white; liver and white; lemon and white. All with or without ticking.

Black, white and tan; liver, white and tan.

Blue roan; orange roan; lemon roan; liver roan; blue roan and tan; liver roan and tan.

Any colour or marking other than the above is undesirable.

Size and Weight:

Approximately height of the males: 39 – 41 cm
Approximately height of the females: 38 – 39 cm 

Weight approximately: 13 – 14.5 kg

To determine the ideal weight of your dog you always have to consider the proportions of your dog. To get a small clue, look at your dog from above. There should always be a recognizable waist and also the ribs should be palpable. 


For more information, refer to the PDF :
English Cocker-Spaniel/ The new FCI Standard No.: 5

English Cocker-Spaniel / The new FCI Standard No.: 5 - 23.11.2012

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