Cocker of one Heart & Soul

Care & Education

Today a Cocker baby, at the age of 12 weeks, is your new possession.

It has enjoyed loving care, good nutrition and a lively breeding, with enough space to let off steam. What he now finally becomes, is in your hands and education. Even love and strictness are very important.

A small Cocker is like a seismograph. Intercepts every mood and the change promptly. He immediately needs consequent attention. The large and so innocent looking Cocker eyes turn one's heart and you believe you are a monster. But you want a well-trained dog, which everyone praises and not a nuisance to you and your environment.

First, the cleanliness

At the beginning, observe your dog very attentively and you will soon find out when you have to "walk the dog". Definitely after sleeping and after feeding. Get out with the little Cocker, even if he - what he always does at the beginning - purposefully wants back to the house. Because he likes it there. The carpet is more pleasant than the wet street or meadow, especially in rainy weather. He will never sit down directly. He'll run around excitedly, looking for the right place, turning in circle for several times, and then ...

Never forget to praise your little dog, for beeing well-behaved and doing everything where to, outside. Exaggerate quiet, he loves it, he wants to please you and will remember. The praise - supported with a small biscuit - works wonders. For a cookie he does a lot, if not everything.

When the little dog misbehaves, you do the same thing the pack dog does with his "subordinates". Grab him at the nack fur and shake him around. He should realize that you are angry and grumble with him in the process. He crawls back insulted into his basket, do not give him any attention, depending on the seriousness of the offense, quiet up to two hours. He will remember.

He will get teeth between the 4th and 5th month

The first are sharpe as needles and without any roots, fall out unnoticed and make room for the second. Give him the rawhide bones, which are available commercially. They can lie around without any smell, what the other bones do on the second day.

Take the little guy on the leash with a collar or a harness, that goes around the thorax. At the beginning that is not possible without any violence. Your dog feels the collar and leash as a "corset" and will fight. With the harness you vigorously shake the whole dog, while the collar only pulls the neck. 

Cocker pull particularly strong

Whether male or female, what is now cute on the leash, will grow in one year to a strong dog. Take your time at the beginning and practice. The go-at-foot coach ( Schecker ) is really good.

Only let him freewheel, if there is no car to be expected. Please leash before you open the front door, so that he is not out first. He is full of zest for life. Just the same, when he is in the car, secure the dog, before you leave the car. Later he'll listen to a word like "wait" , "no" or "stop".

Grooming example

Important for the proper grooming