Cocker of one Heart & Soul

My life with the dogs

Since my childhood dogs are at my side.

Cocker of one Heart and Soul, these are my children Louis, Charlotte, Frieda, ma Yvonne and my husband Roland Dzubasz.

We live in Neuenhagen near Berlin not far from the race course hoppegarten in the so called „suburbs of berlin“.

Our land with a size of about 2.5 hectares houses actually a racing stable for race horses and is embedded between houses of neuenhagen and the adjacent forest of the training course. 

Our dogs have plenty of space to play, romp around, but also to sniff and poke around. Of course we often go for a walk in the nearby forest, but the Cocker also accompany us by car to the Müggelsee or to dinner.

The dogs live in our family and by the children, horses, cats, rabbits and visitors of the racing stable, they are used to much excitement.

I myself grew up with different dogs, including an English Cocker Spaniel in black and white and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, there was a longer duration of time without a dog.

The first common dog of our, at that point, small family, came 2004 into our house. Finally, it had to be a Cocker Spainel again, this time in the particular colour orange roan. He was called Chameur von der Kühtzenhöhe and came all the way from Urbach to Berlin. Flocke was his Nickname, he has conquered our hearts with his friendly, cheerful and gentle way, it was love at first sight.

Flocke and I were of one heart and soul. After he went over the rainbow bridge, the kennel name was born: of One Heart and Soul.

Our dogs, living with us right now, Paula (Penny von der Küthzenhöhe)Coffee (Edward vom Schloss Hellenstein) and Adele (Pole Position vom Schloss Hellenstein) fulfill us every day with joy and fun.

Paula, Frieda & Coffee Coffee, Yvonne & Paula

Gallery - Family Trip

Completed training as a nutritionist for dogs

Originally, I fed my dogs by feeling. Sometimes with dry food or sometimes with wet food without knowing "what does a dog need" and especially "what he doesn't need".

I wanted to feed my dogs, as good as possible, humanely and individually. 

So I started to deal with the topic "Nutrition of dogs" in more detail. But the more I browsed the internet and read in books, looked around in animal markets, the more I realized, that I almost strayed in a jungle of different diets and technical terms. 

So I had to find out what an open or closed declaration means, what the difference is between "Barf", cooked food and fresh feed, but also dry food, treats, supplements and Co had to be illuminated in more detail as well.

To get clear with many possibilities of dog nutrition and to find out the "best option" for myself, I decided to get an education for dietitians for dogs.

I have successfully completed my education at Hundezentrum fit in Berlin-Hoppegarten.

I am happy to help you answer your questions about diet your dog and find the best possible diet. Even if your dog is overweight or underweight, food intolerances which have been previously ascertained medically, I can support you.

Please contact me or send me an e-mail.

Currently I graduate from training as a groomer be able to groom my "Cockerchen" for household or for the shows.

This training is not breed specific, but "all over the place". Through support from experienced exhibitors and breeders, as well as my own experience, I can advice you or groom and trim your Cocker, as well as other breeds.